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Lenten Song (to the tune of My Favorite Things)

March 27, 2013

favorite thingsLENTEN SONG

(to the tune of
My Favorite Things)

Sackcloth and ashes, and
days without eating,
Mortification and wailing
and weeping,
A hair shirt that scratches,
a nettle that stings,
These are a few of my favorite

Penitence, flagellants, memento
Spending nights sleeping on
rocks in a quarry,
The sound of a cloak’d solemn
cantor who sings,
These are still more of my
favorite things.

Tossing and turning and
yearning I’m spurning,
Passions aflame like an
ember-day burning,
Corpus and carnis and
wild drunken flings,
Forsaken are they for
my favorite things!

When it’s Christmas,
When the tree’s lit,
When the cards are sent,
I simply remember my
favorite things,
And then I can’t wa-a-a-a-it
till Lent.

Author Anonymous

From → Satire

  1. These days we’ve scaled back our demonstrations of devotion…perhaps a more modern verse is in order:

    ‘Suff’ring the torment of life without Facebook,
    Chocoate and candies, all pastries forsook,
    No wine (what a saint!), no warm feeling it brings,
    That’s all I can take of my favourite things!’

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