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Politics and God’s Sovereignty: Dishonorable Disclosure

August 16, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a firm believer in God’s sovereignty, not only in my personal life, but in all the affairs of men including the politicians and rulers that lead nations.  I often see those who also hold a high view of God’s sovereignty using it as an excuse not to engage in the political arena in any manner whatsoever.  I would argue that, on the contrary, it is our Christian duty to participate at least to the degree that we take advantage of the freedom that God’s sovereignty has granted us within the governmental system that He has established to rule over us.  For me, living in the USA, not only does this mean that I should be informed and exercise my right to vote, but that I should also exercise my right to freedom of speech in order to inform others of ideologies, policies and actions of those who are or who would desire to be in authority over us when those ideologies or actions threaten the freedom that God has so graciously provided.  I believe that this is consistent with God’s sovereignty because it is God who has given me a political system that allows this freedom.  This is why I posted the video below, which I believe is a must watch for anyone who appreciates living in the USA and is thankful for the freedom that God has granted.  You can also go to the website here: Special Ops OPSEC.

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