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Blue Like Jazz: the movie

May 4, 2012

Since Blue Like Jazz, the movie, has recently been released, I think it’s important that Christians are reminded of the message of the book in order to have a solid framework if they choose to see the movie. When the book Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller, hit the shelves it became a great success with people who were looking for an answer to the ho-hum, moralistic, self-esteem focused, need-based gobbledygoop that was the dominate culture in western, church-growth evangelicalism.  The big problem with the book, however, is that Donald Miller’s postmodern, relativism that he attempts to substitute for biblical spirituality misses the mark completely as to the problem with the modern church.  Here is an excellent review by Shane Walker of 9MARKS that hits the nail on the head:

Blue Like Jazz

By Donald Miller

A Review by Shane Walker

Donald Miller would like to introduce you to “Christian spirituality.” If you’re a Christian, he wants you to consider a less dogmatic and stodgy way. And if you’re a nonbeliever, he would like to introduce you to Jesus through Christian spirituality. But first he must introduce himself. He just wants you to know that he likes you, and if you were to meet, he would listen to your story. He even thanks you for listening to his story right there at the end of the book. Jesus is of course the same way. He likes you, wants to listen to your story, and wants you to hear his.

Blue Like Jazz is Don’s story—and one is immediately on a first name basis with Miller. It’s about his experiences leading up to his arrival at “Christian spirituality,”…(click here to continue reading).

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  1. I’ve always heard Christians talk about this book but never got the time to look into it; my reservation has always been due to the fact that some of the less grounded Christians promotion of this book and movie. I’m grateful you posted on this so that I can see a reliable source reviewing it!

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