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Excellent Online Resources for Bible Study

March 9, 2012

While most of us are appalled at the way the internet has and will continue to be used for less than virtuous purposes, it is also a tool that is being used for God’s glory.  As many of you are aware, there are excellent online resources for bible study, but very few as useful as the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, which is a resource provided by Calvin College out of Grand Rapids, MI.  Not only does the reader have access to thousand of dollars (if you purchased printed books) worth of classics such those written by Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, etc., but Calvin College has incorporated the amazing power of technology to quickly and easily search all of these classics at once by key words, subjects and scripture references:

Incredible word/subject search engine

Great Classics at the click of a mouse

The Best Study Bible

Not only do you have access to these classics with the search engine, CCEL has created a whole new meaning of “study bible” that leaves virtually all other study bibles in their dust.  The CCEL study bible enables you to not only utilize multiple versions, either one at a time or side by side, it also brings all of the resource materials into full access, along side.  The powerful capabilities applied to the resources will blow you away.  For instance, if you are studying Luke chapter 6, and you decide to utilize the perspective of Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible(Jamieson, Fausset and Brown), or Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible [Volume Index], not only do you have access to these resources right next to the text, the resource will open precisely on the same book & chapter of the bible.  When you click on an individual verse number in the text, the resource in turn goes precisely to the position in the commentary that addresses the verse that was just clicked.  See the example below:

Amazing Bible Study Resource

Never has it been so easy for the clergy & layman alike, to have access to such a wealth of Christian knowledge, with the power to utilize that knowledge in such a powerful, quick and simple manner.

This wonderful resource is provided free of charge, but it’s certainly not free of cost.  If you find this valuable, then I would encourage you to click on the Give section ( to find out how you can help support this amazing tool.

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