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March 7, 2012

A post worth reading. I’m always amazed when a minister fails to clearly proclaim the Gospel of redemption through Jesus Christ alone at a funeral. What better object lesson could exist than that of a lifeless body lying in a casket?

A few years ago, I attended the funeral of an acquaintance who had passed away after a long illness.  The funeral was at a local mega-church, supposedly evangelical, and the closest the pastor came to proclaiming the Gospel was this one, ambiguous phrase: “…let Jesus penetrate your life…”  I don’t even know that that means and I’m sure that the lost that were in attendance didn’t understand the concept of their sin and the reason for Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross.

Chief of the least

Note: This is not an indictment on the eternal state of Whitney Houston’s soul. God will do right regarding what everyone deserves in the end.

I happened upon Whitney Houston’s funeral service yesterday while channel surfing. I only caught the last 45 minutes or so, but the last message caught my ear.

Pastor Marvin Winans delivered the eulogy at New Hope Baptist Church; Winans seems like a passionate articulate leader. But with stars from around the world in attendance and an audience of  millions in television attendance, he  dropped the proverbial gospel ball a bit. To his credit, when bringing up Matthew 6:33, he did stress the “Kingdom of God and His righteousness” before all things be added to us. But righteousness was equated to merely right living, not the righteousness that is only given through the perfect work and person of Jesus Christ. Pastor Winans last sermon point he stressed to the listening masses was this:…

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  1. Thank you for sharing sir, God bless!

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