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Stephen Schutt Offers a Well Reasoned Response to Matt Chandler’s Promotion of the False Narrative of White Privilege

April 29, 2015

“It was just unacceptable…” Story from the NY Post

When Michael Brown was tragically killed while violently resisting arrest, Matt Chandler issued a poorly timed, knee jerk response in an effort, I assume, to show that he is racially sensitive. The reality is that all Matt did was give credence to a false narrative that harms black Americans and promotes the anti-Christian and anti-God progressive agenda. I believe that Matt’s motive is to be “…all things to all men…” in order to win some. The problem lies in the fact that Paul never said that he would be a promoter of false claims because it would make a group of people feel better. What Paul was trying to say was that he would do all that he could to appreciate and relate to men, regardless of their status, race or circumstance so that he could promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He never suggested or even implied that being all things included promoting a narrative that is a fabrication by those who are vehemently opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is, in effect, what Matt has done. Now that the lawlessness in Baltimore has occurred, a city with a majority minority police force and a majority minority city government, including the mayor, it’s clear that the issue is not white privilege, but the proof is in the actual statistics that completely contradict the claim. Stephen Schutt does a masterful job in debunking this claim in his blog:

Matt Chandler & the Myth of White Privilege by Stephen Schutt

Matt Chandler posted the following:  This is a response.

Before the blood of Michael Brown had cooled on the pavement in Ferguson, a chorus of voices began railing white privilege. While superficially satisfying, the idea of white privilege struck a nerve with many and justifiably so.  When looking at hard data, logic and history, the hypothesis of white privilege pales in comparison to a view encompassing values & culture.

White privilege through white lenses
The entire idea of white lenses affecting perspectives on race smacks of the genetic fallacy – (ie: the fallacy that ideas are true or false because of their source).  In reality, the veracity of a claim must be examined independent of its source.  Whites can and do have correct views on race all the time. So do blacks and every other race. And all of those groups have incorrect views as well.
Matt implicitly acknowledged this when he analyzed the issue of race himself.  His white lenses did not invalidate his views of race.  If we are to arrive at correct conclusions here, we must venture into the scary world of facts (Hey, remember those?).

What about successful blacks?
“As far back as 1969, young black males whose homes included newspapers, magazines, and library cards, and who had also gone on to obtain the same number of years of schooling as young white males, had the same incomes as their white counterparts…(keep reading)

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