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D.A. Carson on the Intolerance of Tolerance

December 5, 2012

D.A. Carson has provided three clear and, frankly, eye opening illustrations of the new “tolerance” as it is practiced by those who would seek to redefine societal norms that are/were based on clear, biblical teaching.

Nov 2012

More Examples of Intolerant Tolerance

D. A. Carson
D. A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

Since The Intolerance of Tolerance was published,1 readers have been sending me new examples they have spotted-examples of egregious intolerance masquerading in the name of tolerance. Sometimes these examples have been accompanied with a plea to incorporate them in any revised edition that might be called for. Of course, I too have spotted a handful of examples myself. In this editorial I’d like to comment briefly on three of them, probing a little to uncover what we should learn from them. Although the book drew on examples in both Europe and America, the follow three have surfaced in the United States. (read more here)

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