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Sufficient or Not? Take a Stand!

September 29, 2012

This post by Dan Phillips on the Pyromaniacs site is refreshingly simple.  It addresses the issue of continuous revelation in the mushy, ambiguous world of the modern, evangelical ecosystem by stating what Scripture says about itself, and then asking a simple question.  It’s a quick read and perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

What we confess as our sufficient, complete Bible: what’s missing?

by Dan Phillips

Oncet upon a time, I wrote a constitution for a church I was attempting to plant, and along with it a Statement of Faith. The latter is available online for the curious and idle and, you know, whoever.

What I’m doing here is what I’ve long meant to do but never done. I am simply posting that portion of the statement that deals with the Bible, and then I shall ask one question in two ways. Mainly, I just want this post here for future reference.

The sixty-six books of the Protestant canon, in their original writings, comprise the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God. The thirty-nine books known as the Hebrew Old Testament are God-breathed, products of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, and thus free from error in all that they affirm (cf. Deuteronomy 18:1819Psalms 19:78119:89142151160Matthew 5:17-19John 10:352 Timothy 3:162 Peter 1:2021). (Read the rest here…)

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